by Mr. W

He drifted into the realization that he was awake; the red numbers on the bedside clock glowed 3:23 in the dark. He wrapped the satin sheets tighter to himself. He could overhear a quiet conversation.

From overhead: “You know I’m his biggest fan.”

From the window: “He doesn’t care how big a fan you are. He cares how useful you can be to him.”

From overhead: “You make him sound selfish.”

From the window: “Don’t let your jealousy over my position color what I say.”

The mattress springs creaked as he sat up. “Guys,” he said, “I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Sorry,” the ceiling and box fans said in unison.



3 Responses to Whispers

  1. This text, my dear writer, is just awesome.

  2. Hello, I was browsing the web looking for good short stories that would make good animations, especially for a new animaters like me. So, I was wondering if you’d like to work together to animate this? I’m a pun enthusiast so I’d love to make this happen.

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