Like Father, Like Son

by Mr. W

The Sinister Mandrake smirked at Captain Manstrong, held captive in a hanging titanium cage. “Honestly, Manstrong,” he said, “it was like you were trying to be captured as you followed me to my lair.”

Captain Manstrong adjusted the cuffs on his stretchy silver uniform. “What makes you think I wasn’t?” he asked.

“And your next move is?” The hanging cage juddered as the Sinister Mandrake, remotely controlling the crane from which it hung, moved the cage over an open vat of lava.

“My sidekick, who followed you after you captured me, is even now preparing to take you down,” said Captain Manstrong.

The Sinister Mandrake cackled. “That high school boy who you adopted last month? You’re relying on him?”

“His training has been more than adequate, Mandrake. Your pride should prepare itself for a fall right … about … now.”

From the shadows strode Captain Manstrong’s sidekick, clad in his trademark yellow metal armor. “Hiya, Pops,” he said. “Everything’s going to plan, easy peasy.” He turned to the Sinister Mandrake. “Can I push the kill button?”

Captain Manstrong gasped. “The Sinister Mandrake, Junior! How could you betray me like this?”



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