Next Time You Talk To God

by Norm De Plume

“Can ya hear me, son?”

“S-s-sarge?  Is that you?  It’s so d-d-dark…”

“Do you pray, son?”

“E-ever’ single night, Sarge.  Why?”

“Well, son, next time you talk to God, you ask him something for me.  Can you do that, son?”

“Sure I can, Sarge.”

“You ask him how come it is that after Cain slew Abel and fled to the land of Nod in Genesis 4: 16-17, how come it could be that he founded a city?  I mean, if Cain was the fourth person on earth, and Abel was dead, and he left his mom and dad behind, who was left to be in a city?  Was it just Cain standing there like a damn fool claiming he’d founded a city?”

“Uh, Sarge…”

“And how could he have took a wife? Huh?”

“Sarge?  I don’t ezacly know why you’re sittin’ on my bunk, but it’s 3 a.m. and I got to get up in just a few hours, so…”

“Good enough, son.  Carry on.  You just make sure you ask him for me, will ya?  Next time you talk to God.”



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